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Thanks, Tina, for providing a unique and excellent quality service!

What a boon the Rooted Tree Wellness Studio has been for me! As an older woman, I am very grateful for the opportunity not only to exercise safely but to address the issues that accompany aging. Tina’s classes are challenging, safe, geared to the older adult, and FUN! Each new member has been welcomed into the studio community. The classes offered are geared to the needs of the group: building strength, maintaining flexibility, and addressing issues like osteoporosis. The participants are encouraged to provide feedback, and Tina is wonderful at responding and adjusting classes as needed. In addition, Tina provides options for each movement in her classes, so that each person can participate at her own level of fitness. Finally, Tina has always given back to her community through fundraising classes for local charities, which makes me proud to be one of her students.

June M.

RTWS Membership Member

France L.

Rooted Tree Wellness Studio offers a wonderful variety of classes, many geared to improving aging through mobility. The instructor brings creative poses to each class and always offers options to make the pose more or less challenging. This studio is a supportive environment where you feel like you are meeting up with friends each time you attend. Lovely classes, lovely people...highly recommend this studio.


Ellen N.

Classes are great. I was introduced to these classes by a good friend during Covid lockdowns, and they couldn’t have been a better gift for the mind and body. Every class is unique, and the flexibility of live or on-demand classes is ideal.


I so look forward to my weekly Rooted Tree Wellness Studio yoga class! 

The classes provide a relaxing end to a busy day. Tina's guidance and encouragement during each class is exceptional - instructions and rationale for each movement are clearly explained. The atmosphere is welcoming and certainly not intimidating - just what I was looking for as a beginner. Even though classes are virtual Tina expertly facilitates an atmosphere of community, positivity and caring.


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Feeling the love ❤︎


Marilynn G.

The retreat was an outstanding day of information and friendship. The presentations were both informative and very interesting and extremely well presented. The friendship was amazing, meeting people in person who we had only met on Zoom. Tina and Kathy both put so much love and passion into this retreat. It was a privilege to attend.

Cynthia T-H

Christina and Kathy treat you to a day of relaxed learning, quiet curiosity, and a great community. It's not just yoga for the body, it's yoga for the soul!

Mona R.

This retreat was wonderful in all aspects!! We were given the chance and showed how to leave the outside world stresses, and participate in and learn tools for self-care in mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. It was done in such a relaxed, warm, caring, easy-going manner, I enjoyed the retreat immensely! We all got to participate, and ask questions. Can't wait for the next retreat!!!


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